Over the weekend of 12 – 14 May, the 14th running of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique delighted fans of authentic racing with the appearance of over 200 historically significant cars spread across 8 races, run in chronological order. Packed grandstands, plus a huge audience watching around the world via livestream, were treated to some exciting and eventful racing across the board.

Monaco, like the Mille Miglia, remains at the top of the ‘to do’ list for many collectors and continues to attract the world’s best cars, be they 1920’s voiturettes or 1980’s F1 screamers.

Although the single-seaters grab many of the headlines, the race for 1950’s sportscars provided some of the highlights of the weekend with the result in doubt until the very end. The level of competition illustrates the ongoing interest in cars from this era.

Away from the track, it was encouraging to see that the supporting auctions were able to bring along a good selection of ‘serious’ cars and that they all achieved some strong results, especially on cars with notable history and a lack of ‘stories’.

With its unique setting and history, the next running of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique should be a high priority as a destination for any enthusiast.