1980 Ferrari 308GTB

  • Delivered new to Brescia in fabulous ‘Verde Medio’

  • Desirable early carburated, dry sump model

  • Full Ferrari Red Book Classiche certification

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Ownership History

1980 – Sold by the Crepaldi dealership to first owner Giovanni Bresciani.

1984 – Purchased by second owner Angelo Cacciamali.

1985 – Purchased by third owner Cesare Zini.

2009 – Sold to dealer Auto & Nautica Srl.

2010 – Sold to dealer Maranello Services Srl.

2010 – Purchased by fourth owner via his company Agora Srl.

2014 – Sold to dealer GPS Classic Srl.

2016 – Purchased by fifth owner Tom Papadopoulous.

2017 – Current ownership.

The Ferrari 308.

The 308 model’s lineage began in 1973 with the Dino GT/4 model. Powered by a new 3 litre 90 degree V8, the Dino was designed by Bertone and although it had all of the expected preformance, the unconventional looks and lack of ‘Ferrari’ on the badge limited its appeal. However, that all changed in 1975 when the engine finally found its way into a Pininfarina masterpiece – the 308GTB / GTS. Sharing some visual similarities with the contemporary, flat-12 powered 365GT/4 Berlinetta Boxer, the new 308 was designed to appeal to a wider audience and saw Ferrari achieve sales that they could previously only have dreamed of. Such was the model’s timeless appeal that it remained in production for a full ten years with only minor mechanical updates before receiving a facelift to become the 328 which would survive for another five.

Following a short-lived experiment with fibreglass bodies, production soon reverted to steel construction and these early cars, when in European specification, can be identified by their single-exit exhausts plus carburettor induction and dry sump lubrication for the engine. Power output for these early cars was 255bhp at 7700rpm whuich could push the car up to a maximum of around 150mph.

The Dino is dead, long live Ferrari Jenks, Motorsport 1976.

Chassis No. 31319.

This fabulous 308 was delivered new in Brescia, Italy, via the Milanese dealer M.G. Crepaldi Automobili to Mr. Giovanni Bresciani. As confirmed by the Ferarri Classiche red book it was finished in the stunning and very rare colour of  Verde Medio Metalizzato complimented by beige Connolly leather.

In 1984 it was sold to Mr. Angelo Cacciamali who owned it for one year then sold it to Mr. Cesare Zini. He owned the car from 1985 until 2009 then dealer Maranello Service srl sold it to the fourth owner who registered it in the name of his company, Agora srl. Another dealer, GPS Classic, bought the car in 2014 and sold it to the last owner; an American who used the car for a driving holiday in Europe before shipping it back to the States. We purchased the car from this American gentleman.

GPS Classic carried out a major service, including belts, for the last owner when he bought the car and also did some work on it before it was shipped to America – invoices for this work remain in the history file. They also obtained the Classiche documents for him  and these confirm the car’s original colour and specification. Since the car came to the UK  the steering rack has been rebuilt and the front wheel bearings replaced. More recently it has undergone a major service including changing the cam belts.

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